CXC Simulations has developed the most realistic racing simulator available today with their Motion Pro II. However, as with any technology, there are always ways to improve the product and enhance the racing experience for its users. CXC has taken such further strides with their next generation steering technology through their innovative force feedback controller, bringing in the physics, weight and balance transfer that occurs, to create the ultimate realistic feel. Capturing these subtle nuances allows for the Motion Pro II to recreate actual racing within a virtual setting, and provides a truly immersive experience on par with the exact performance one would have while handling their car. This latest development by CXC is pushing this experience even further.

 Capturing the true essence of the forces generated on a steering wheel at high speeds, the new force feedback controller harnesses data provided by the online racing software to the simulator and is able to effectively transfer it into real force on the steering wheel. Such pressure and resistance is as close to what actual racecar drivers experience on the track, heightening the reality and experience of the Motion Pro II.

The CXC force feedback controller system pays close attention to the details. It understands the exact balance of the car, from the weight transfer in relation to the tires’ adhesion to the track, to the geometry and physics of actual driving. Using this knowledge in place with the steering servo motor, the driver will actually feel the energy and resistance on the wheel, creating a completely realistic representation of true racing.

The new technology was designed by CXC’s team of engineers, software developers, and professional racecar drivers who seek the best representation of racing feel. Many of these drivers utilize the simulator for training purposes, helping them train at high speeds without the risk of incident. Additionally, with CXC’s virtual representation of real life racetracks, professionals can learn the intimate details of any track through the Motion Pro II before entering a race. With the next generation steering system, they’ll now be able to feel each turn and curve as well, providing the top level training available for major circuit races.

But this possibility also extends to those wishing to experience the thrill of high speed racing. With the enhanced feedback system and CXC’s proven machine geared to perform just like an actual race car, every touch and turn creates a realistic experience on the wheel, pedals and race seat, providing drivers with an authentic feel of what handling a race car is truly like.

The Motion Pro II remains as the only truly authentic professional level automotive racing simulator practical for home use, and developments such as the next generation steering system serve to enhance this experience to the greatest of heights, pushing the range of virtual reality possibilities further and further to the exact replica of racecar driving. With CXC’s team working around the clock on new features and designs, the future is beaming brightly regarding what the next chapter of CXC Simulations is set to deliver.