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Pushing the Boundaries

Amazing to look at.  Even more amazing to use.  You’ll almost forget that you aren’t outside.

A simulator shouldn’t leave you wanting more. The Motion Pro II certainly doesn’t. Experience the realism and exhilaration now or someone else will be looking at you in their rear-view mirror.


Simulation Based in Science



Realistic driving starts with accurate data - whether directly from manufacturers, collected through 3D laser scanning, or by disassembling cars to weigh and measure parts of the chassis, suspension and driveline. However, an accurate simulation is not just an assembly of data. Thanks to a high-tech physics engine and tire modeling system, this data comes alive. The end result is much more than just a great looking image on the screen, it's the immersive feeling of actually being on track.





The configuration and implementation of audio is extremely important to realistic simulation and great effort has been put into the design of the Motion Pro II's audio system. A 1500W Dolby 5.1 surround sound system with finely tuned speaker placement ensures optimum performance that can, by the user's choice, delight or assault the senses.




The Motion Pro II comes standard with a screen system of full 1080p resolution and a 60-degree field of view. Upgrade to the panoramic triple-screen setup, which delivers 6,220,800 pixels and a 180-degree field of view and you have to turn your head to see the corners.


This cutting edge LED TV technology has ultra-slim bezels, producing an almost seamless wrap-around visual experience. These ultra-fast panels, individually calibrated for perfect color and lighting by CXC technicians, deliver the highest level of motion clarity and realism.


About CXC

CXC Simulations is a manufacturer of high-end racing simulators for personal and professional use. Our simulators feature the latest technological developments to achieve realistic motion and car control systems.

CXC simulators can be used as a tool for driving instruction as well as flight training and are available for purchase, lease or event rentals. We offer superb customer service and support to make sure you are behind the wheel of your favorite Formula 1, GT or rally car for as much time as possible!”

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