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Order Process

order process


Ordering Process

Step 1 – Custom Configuration

With the help of our online Configurator, or a call to your sales representative at CXC, your ideal Motion Pro II racing simulator configuration awaits you. One-to-one service means that your Motion Pro II will be custom built to your specifications.

Step 2 – Payment

Your personal CXC Simulations sales representative will continue to work with you on all facets of the ordering process, including payment details. Current payment options include bank transfers or checks. Your professional racecar simulator is one step closer to your business or home.

Step 3 – Construction

Once CXC has received your payment, our expert team will begin crafting your custom Motion Pro II simulator. If you would like to see just how we design and construct our simulators, we encourage you to stop by our facility and watch your simulator’s build process.

Step 4 – Delivery and Installation

Once construction is nearing completion, your personal CXC contact will arrange for shipping of your Motion Pro II and travel for our installation team. Your full motion simulator will be assembled on-site and the team will also instruct you on the operation of the Motion Pro II.  

Step 5 – Support

Your personal CXC Simulations Representative is on-call around the clock for all of your support needs. Contact us with any issues, any time, and we’ll be glad to assist you as best we can. Please consult our support page for additional details.

About CXC

CXC Simulations is a manufacturer of high-end racing simulators for personal and professional use. Our simulators feature the latest technological developments to achieve realistic motion and car control systems.

CXC simulators can be used as a tool for driving instruction as well as flight training and are available for purchase, lease or event rentals. We offer superb customer service and support to make sure you are behind the wheel of your favorite Formula 1, GT or rally car for as much time as possible!”

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