Stefan Johansson, a former Ferrari and McLaren F1 ace who also won the Le Mans 24 Hours, will undertake a full season of racing in 2014 driving an LMP2 car for Millennium Racing in the World Endurance Championship.

Obviously, Johansson has raced all around the world.  But even a well-traveled driver like Stefan can’t be expected to know EVERY track on the planet.  So with an upcoming test session scheduled at MotorLand Aragón, a course located in Spain between Barcelona and Valencia that Johansson has never driven, the experienced pro decided some training time on a CXC Motion Pro II racing simulator would be a good idea.

By training ‘virtually’ on the MotorLand Aragón circuit, Johansson was able to begin familiarizing himself with the track — a move that will undoubtedly allow him to get up to speed quicker when he arrives in Spain.  Stefan was also able to make use of the Motion Pro II’s realistic, hi-tech platform to begin playing with different setups for an LMP2 car, which may also prove very useful.

Check out the full story on Johansson’s return at Autosport, and follow Stefan’s progress on Twitter at @SJohanssonF1.  And if you love motorsports, think about getting a CXC Motion Pro II racing simulator for yourself.  It’s a lot less expensive than buying a ‘real’ race car and hauling it around the globe to all your favorite tracks.