Press Testimonials

Around the world Press and Media have experienced the CXC Motion Pro II Racing Simulator first hand. Some say: "It might just be the the best Racing Simulator in the World".


April 2016

“A big bump at Sebring International Raceway is not simply felt through a controller in an accurate location. The seat jostles you, the software tells the rear tires to lose traction and the steering wheel tries to break free from your grip as the rear end begins to step out.”

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NBC Sports

April 2016

It might need to be amended to, “there’s one good substitute for track time,” when referring to the Motion Pro II simulator at Los Angeles-based CXC Simulations.

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Vintage Racecar

May 2009

“Vintage Racecar reviews the MP II, says it “is fitted with four-point seat belts and it needs them!”


Robb Report Gift Guide

December 2008

The Robb Report Collection selects the MP II as one of its “Latest and Greatest” Christmas gift items, saying “…it offers a stunningly visceral race-sim experience.”

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Finish Line

November 2008

Finsh Line, a publication of the prestigious Petersen Automotive Museum calls the MP II “the most advanced driving simulator ever developed” and says it is “in one word, AWESOME.”

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