Why are your simulators so expensive?

Quality, performance and stability cost! We only use the finest components and materials, often meaning we have to design them from scratch. Off-the-shelf components just don’t cut it for our clientele. We manufacture our simulators in Los Angeles to the highest standards to cater to a very demanding client base. We also have to back them with an unparalleled support team.

I’m having trouble deciding on the options in the configurator.

No problem!  Give us a call for a personal consultation: 888-918-2010  We can walk you through every option.

How many Cars and Tracks does the simulator come with?

It’s an almost limitless catalog at this point.  The fact is, there is more content these days than could ever be loaded on a single simulator.  We preload a wide variety of cars/tracks/planes that we think will appeal to the widest audience.  Need something specific?  Give us a call.  We can hunt it down and load it up for you prior to delivery (or after the fact remotely).  Need something that doesn’t exist?  No problem!  Our in-house development team can build anything you like!

How do I know if it will fit in my space?

Easy: Use your phone to scan the QR code in the configurator and load a 3D model of your configuration in Augmented Reality.  No app needed.  Walk to the room where you want to install the simulator and actually see it in place.  Does it match your curtains?

How do you compare to other simulators?

As we are the only high-end, turnkey simulator in our class, that’s easy to answer!  Look, there are plenty of companies claiming to offer high-end, turn key simulators, but look deeper:  Do they make their own motion systems, steering system, pedals or software?  What does their level of service and support actually look like?  There really is no substitute for CXC level products or services once you look closer.

Is it too fragile or complicated for me to use?

Our expertise lies in making our simulators stand up to the rigors of commercial-use while having the ease-of-use of an iPhone.

How realistic are your simulators?

Realistic enough that we count Multi-Time LeMans winners, F1 Teams and countless, average weekend warrior racers as clients.  We even have OEM Automotive Engineering divisions using our simulators.

Where do you deliver?

All over the world.  We currently have simulators on every continent except Antarctica. (we are working on it)

Are you a reputable and stable company?

We have been in production for over 15 years.  We currently have simulators on every continent except Antarctica. (we are working on it)  Our clients range from huge multinational corporations like the US Federal Government, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Toyota, Lexus, Exxon/Mobil1, Ferrari, McLaren, Ford to everyday racers like yourself.

How much do they cost?

All of our pricing is fully transparent.  Visit the configurator for Home-Use Simulators.  Visit the configurator for Commercial-Use Simulators.