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By creating the most realistic racing experience, the CXC Simulations Motion Pro II racing simulator provides an exciting, competitive, and safe environment for any enthusiast. Stunning visuals with the wrap-around screens, the realistic sounds of the cutting-edge audio system, and the full-motion system create excitement for both drivers and spectators.


Attracting attention is easy when you can race head-to-head your friends, family or strangers.

Small Footprint

Compact design allows for multiple simulators to be configured in a small space.

Immersive / Realistic

Combination of motion, haptics and screens create a unique experience that customers will return to.

Easy to operate

The simulators easily adjust for different height drivers, while powerful management software makes launching races a breeze.


Simulators are assembled on-site by CXC Simulations technicians, who train staff on how to use them.


The Motion Pro II has proved it is engineered to deliver thousands of hours of trouble-free use.

Create Your Experience

Race against the room or worldwide

Cars & Tracks

The software available with each Motion Pro II allows for a nearly unlimited variety of cars and tracks. Whether you prefer open-wheel, road race, rally, or off-road vehicles, there are dozens of vehicles to suit your tastes – or to allow you to experience a car you’ve never driven in real life.

Synchro Control System

Within a few seconds, you can start a completely new driving experience utilizing the Synchro Control System. Without scrolling through numerous menus or switching to keyboard, you can launch a new practice session or start a new race nearly instantaneously.

Esports Ready

If you are using the Motion Pro II not only to train, but to take part in the growing world of sim racing, it can be set up to quickly launch any of the popular online sim racing series. No matter the software, the MPII is already calibrated to produce the most realistic experience with any software.

Our Customers

Custom Solutions

CXC’s Special Projects division turns dreams into reality

Car conversions

CXC Simulations Special Projects Division is capable of building any car into a custom, fully integrated simulator. With a team of engineers and auto racers, CXC Simulations has produced full-motion simulators out of a number of vehicles, creating special yet highly accurate simulators.

360 Flight

The result of intense collaboration between CXC and professional pilots, 360 Flight adds a joystick, throttle handles, fully programmable action buttons and hat switches with CXC’s motion system and visual solutions. Using powerful software titles, this creates a simulator that matches the flight characteristics of nearly any aircraft.

Experts in accuracy

With decades of experience accurately replicating the sensation of driving a race car on a race track, CXC Simulations can faithfully create any car or track down to the finest detail. CXC Simulations has also been called upon to develop race tracks virtually before breaking ground in the real world.

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