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With more than a decade’s worth of design and development, CXC Simulations is on the leading edge of racing simulator technology, with its proprietary motion-control system providing the foundation for all of its production units. When a project calls for something more special than a Motion Pro II, that’s where the CXC Special Projects Division comes in.

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A glimpse at our completed Special Projects simulators

Special Projects - Going Big In The Off Road Truck Simulator by CXC Simulations

CXC Simulations has created another groundbreaking simulator experience – the Off Road Truck Simulator. Using a custom motion system with three feet of movement and virtual reality, CXC Simulations engineers have converted a full-size Off Road Truck into the wildest simulator they have created yet – making the driver feel like they are flying through the air in a 1000HP, 5000lbs Off Road Truck.

The Tactical Driving Simulator By CXC Simulations

Designed specifically for government agencies, the Tactical Driving Simulator applies CXC Simulations’ expertise in high-fidelity motorsports training and applies it to tactical driving.

A Historic Rally Porsche 911 Simulator

CXC Simulations’ Special Projects Division has created a simulator which is modeled after a historic Porsche 911 rally car. Pairing hardware such as three pedals, hydraulic handbrake, and a gated H-pattern shifter with CXC Simulations’ motion control and software tuning, the rally simulator earned Patrick Long’s seal of approval.

Highly Mobile, Mobil1 Racing Simulators

CXC Simulations was asked to develop a simulator solution for a traveling consumer activation. To allow one person to quickly transport and set up all four simulators, CXC Simulations designed an integrated mobility system which allows one person to quickly transport and set up all four simulators. Race management is handled by our SYNCHRO control system, allowing the operator to quickly set up and launch races. This setup creates an unforgettable experience for guests lucky enough to get behind the wheel.

Full Motion Kart Simulator

There is nothing like driving a kart – fast and direct, physical and violent, they create incredibly close racing. Our team took on the challenge of creating a completely custom simulator that accurately replicates the sensation of driving a kart.

Full Motion Formula 1 Simulator

CXC Simulations Special Projects Division has produced the ultimate racing simulator for a Formula 1 fan. Utilizing a replica Formula 1 chassis, this simulator features a full motion-control system, direct-drive steering, hydraulic brakes and multiple software options.

Big Red, a 1969 Camaro Racing Simulator

CXC Simulations’ Special Projects Department latest creation, a simulator created for the legendary Big Red Camaro, was designed as a specific testing and training tool for that car. By creating the exact same cockpit environment in the simulator and by using the car’s data to create a digital model of the car, driver RJ Gottlieb can now get more seat time in Big Red Camaro without ever leaving the garage.

Fully Custom Motion Pro II Racing Simulator

Sometimes you just want something unique and special. This customer wanted just that for his Motion Pro II:

Custom, Large Format Screen System and Hood: CHECK
Fully Integrated Touch Screen Interface: CHECK
Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red Paint Throughout: CHECK
Articulating Billet Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Drink Holder: CHECK

CXC Simulations’ Special Projects division exists to make our customers dreams a reality.

Converting a REAL Radical SR3 Racecar into a Simulator

Norwegian Cruise Lines once again challenged us to make a racing simulator worthy of their new Norwegian Encore cruise ship – and based on a Radical SR3.

CXC Simulations’ Special Projects division rose to the challenge again with VR for both passenger and driver, Full-Motion Chassis, Giant Wind Simulation Fans, Seatbelt Tensioners and a Touch Screen User Interface to control it all.

This is the most advanced simulator available for public use in the world!

RoboRace Full Motion Experience

The CXC Special Projects Division sits behind closed doors at the CXC Simulations facility in Hawthorne, California because that’s where the super-secret stuff happens. When the doors do open, something special comes out – like the RoboRace simulator.

Converting a REAL 2009 Formula One Car into a Simulator

Norwegian Cruise Lines challenged CXC Simulations’ Special Projects Division to make a racing simulator worthy of their new Norwegian Joy cruise ship – and based on a 2009 Williams FW31 Formula 1 car that was raced by Nico Rosberg. Now with huge panoramic displays with 24.9 million pixels, fully-functional steering wheel, this Williams F1 car is now a simulator like none other.

Custom Red Bull RallyCross Simulator

Red Bull asked CXC Simulations’ Special Projects Division to create a custom simulator for their high performance athlete training program.

Their requirements:
It had to replicate their FIA World Rallycross car
It had to incorporate real parts from the car
It had to be intense……….

Advanced Aviation Display System

This system allows you to simulate analog steam gauges and radios as well as a full G1000 glass cockpit. Complete touch controls and live traffic controllers add to this immersive simulation.

Obviously this is not meant to be a finished product, but more of a technology and engineering showcase. It’s still covered in pre-delivery, protective tape! Later, we will refine it and make it more presentable.

5 Screen Flight Simulator Test

This is a test of a 5 screen flight simulator created for a client utilizing our production simulator: The Motion Pro II (in flight configuration).

The result is something that is really quite amazing to fly with an immense vertical and horizontal Field of View.

Obviously this is not meant to be a finished product, but more of a technology and engineering showcase. Later, we will refine it and make it more presentable.

ChampCar Simulator - GoPro/CXC spoof side-by-side

CXC Simulations’ CEO Chris Considine spoofing GoPro’s CEO, Nick Woodman’s GoPro commercial at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in CXC’s latest custom simulator: A 2006 Lola Champ Car with 3 55″ TV’s, high-power force feedback controls and hydraulic pedals.

Shot with a Hero 3 Black Edition.

CXC Delivers Luxury Mobile Training Unit Prototype

CXC Simulations has delivered a prototype of the new Luxury Mobil Training Unit (LMTU), a dedicated self-contained training and comfort space on wheels built around the latest CXC Motion Pro II motor racing and flight simulator.

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