Simulators for Home

Race Everyday

All the cars and tracks ready to race at a push of a button

Physical Feedback

The full-motion system, force feedback wheel and hydraulic brakes work in concert with our advanced motion system to make you feel like you’re in a race car.

Display System

Wrap-around, high-definition screens and careful calibration create unmatched visuals.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality headsets create a completely immersive experience, making you feel like you are in the drivers seat or the cockpit.

Cars / Tracks

A nearly unlimited catalog of cars and circuits, including Formula 1, Le Mans prototypes, sports cars, rally and off-road cars.


A realistic flight experience from a Cessna 172, up to commercial airlines and combat aircraft, and even an X-wing or TIE fighter.


Quickly connect with other simulators in the same room or to take part in online racing with drivers from around the world.

Hassle Free

The most advanced sim is also easy to use and reliable


The Motion Pro II delivers thousands of hours of trouble-free use, and comes with an industry-leading two year warranty that covers all major components.


A wide variety of titles allows you to drive nearly any car on nearly any track or fly any airplane out of any airport, and can be upgraded as new software becomes available.


CXC Simulations handles the shipping and installation of the new Motion Pro II, with a technician assembling it on-site and training its new owner on how to operate it.

Customer Service

A personal CXC Simulations customer service representative is on call, seven days a week, for all customer support needs. Onsite technicians are also available.

Driver Testimonials

Listen to the experts

CXC Simulations Driver Patrick Long

Patrick Long

Porsche Factory Driver

“Easily the best simulator I’ve been on to date. It’s just more realistic. There’s less exaggerated motion, motion sickness, if you will, Disneyland type stuff going on. You’re feeling a lot more of the energy you get when you’re driving a car. The steering, whether you’re driving an Indy car, a stock car, whatever, relates more than other sims that I’ve been on.”

“I look forward to coming back. My next goal is to have all my clients buy one so wherever I go I have a place to go play.”

CXC Simulations Driver Alessandro Balzan

Alessandro Balzan

2013 Grand-Am GT Champion 2016 IMSA GT-Daytona Champion

I am still super-impressed with the feeling I had when I was in the CXC Motion Pro II. It had the perfect steering wheel feedback, realistic motion movement, and a very accurate braking system. It’s just like being in the car.

CXC Simulations Driver Townsend Bell

Townsend Bell

IndyCar Driver and Former Formula 1 Test Driver

“The Motion Pro II is the most realistic simulator I’ve driven. For me, it’s an invaluable training tool.”

Townsend Bell drove in the FIA Formula 3000 Championship in Europe, won the Indy Lights Championship in 2001, competed in CART, the 2006 Indy 500 and is currently campaigning a Ferrari 458 GT for Team West Alex Job Racing in the American LeMans Series.

CXC Simulations Driver Stefan Johansson

Stefan Johansson

F1 and Sportscar Driver

“The Motion Pro II is about as close to reality as you can get. I was amazed how real it feels. It’s a great tool for professional drivers to tune up or get familiar with a new track as well as pure entertainment for someone who wants to get as close to the real action as is humanly possible.”

“The track and car options are endless and the tuning capabilities are just like the real thing. You can really feel any changes made to the car both aerodynamically and mechanically. The Motion Pro II is a great tool for any race team or driver that wants to elevate themselves to the next level.”

CXC Simulations Driver Tommy Kendall

Tommy Kendall

SRT Viper Factory Driver

“Seat time is the only thing that will make you a better driver and with testing being curtailed more and more in the interest of cost containment, a simulator is becoming a necessity for the serious racer. In the world of simulators, the CXC Pro-Motion II is the top of the food chain, and if you believe the word-of-mouth, which I do, it is even better than some of the ones employed by the top F1 teams. How serious about your racing are you?”

CXC Simulations Driver Christina Nielsen

Christina Nielsen

IMSA GT Champion

I use CXC Simulations for training all the time on the circuits that I race in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and in the European Le Mans Series,” said Nielsen. “I was very impressed the first time I tried it with the Virtual Reality headset. It is the best simulator experience I’ve tried so far. I normally get a bit of motion sickness, and I got none of that with this system. Instead, it feels even closer to what it is actually like in the race car and on those circuits.

CXC Simulations Driver Joel Miller

Joel Miller

IMSA GT Driver

The CXC Simulator is a great tool to stay sharp and learn new circuits because it provides a real race car feel! The engineers have done a great job in making a simulator that gives the right type of feedback through the pedals and steering wheel which are similar to a real race car.

CXC Simulations Driver Oriol Servia

Oriol Servia

Indycar Driver

“Racing at the highest level is probably one of the most amazing experiences any human can have. Unfortunately contrary to most other professional sports, due to costs and regulations, we have very limited amount of testing available. The only way to keep your skills sharp is by trying to put your mind through the same challenges you will find on the racetrack.

Luckily the digital era that we leave in has facilitated amazing technology advances that are able to replicate very closely what happens in real life. Software development has been key, laser scanned race tracks and accurate simulation of vehicle dynamics and tire models have suffered an exponential evolution in the last ten years. As much as the software the hardware piece of it is as important. I have been lucky to experience the best simulators in the world, multi million dollar systems used by Formula 1 teams that give you an amazing feel of realism. CXC simulators are my favorite simulator that you can have in-house and at a reasonable cost, I know the people behind the company well, all former racers and lovers of the sport and technology. I stand by them and their product line.”

CXC Simulations Driver Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Vaughn Gittin, Jr.

Formula Drift Champion

“The CXC Simulators definitely blew my mind! I really enjoy sims as a training tool and these simulators bring the movement that the body is missing for that full experience of immersion, add a VR headset and your brain really thinks you’re in a car!”

CXC Simulations Driver Alex Gurney

Alex Gurney

2007 and 2009 Grand-Am Daytona Prototype Champion

“Wow, I’m still shaking from it. It’s a little bit of a workout. I’m pretty impressed.”

Alex Gurney is an American racing driver who competes in the Rolex Sports Car Series for GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing. He won the 2007 and 2009 GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series Daytona Prototype drivers’ championship and is the son of racing legend Dan Gurney.

CXC Simulations Driver Matt Halliday

Matt Halliday

Porsche Super Cup, GT3, V8 Supercar and Former IndyCar/Champcar Driver

“The Motion Pro II is by far the most accurate and best racing simulator I’ve ever worked with. Using the Motion Pro II is the best possible way for me to understand the characteristics of the circuits before I arrive. The circuits are incredibly close and to find things such as braking points, gears, and even setup adjustments, shows that it is very realistic. I also enjoy doing long runs as from a driver fitness perspective it puts you under a realistic strain, especially using the same arm muscles as in the real thing.”

Mobil 1 Porsche Super Cup standout Matt Halliday

CXC Simulations Worldwide Installations

Worldwide Installations


Why are your simulators so expensive?

Quality, performance and stability cost! We only use the finest components and materials, often meaning we have to design them from scratch. Off-the-shelf components just don’t cut it for our clientele. We manufacture our simulators in Los Angeles to the highest standards to cater to a very demanding client base. We also have to back them with an unparalleled support team.

I’m having trouble deciding on the options in the configurator.

No problem! Give us a call for a personal consultation: 888-918-2010 We can walk you through every option.

How many Cars and Tracks does the simulator come with?

It’s an almost limitless catalog at this point. The fact is, there is more content these days than could ever be loaded on a single simulator. We preload a wide variety of cars/tracks/planes that we think will appeal to the widest audience. Need something specific? Give us a call. We can hunt it down and load it up for you prior to delivery (or after the fact remotely). Need something that doesn’t exist? No problem! Our in-house development team can build anything you like!

How do I know if it will fit in my space?

Easy: Use your phone to scan the QR code in the configurator and load a 3D model of your configuration in Augmented Reality. No app needed. Walk to the room where you want to install the simulator and actually see it in place. Does it match your curtains?

How do you compare to other simulators?

As we are the only high-end, turnkey simulator in our class, that’s easy to answer! Look, there are plenty of companies claiming to offer high-end, turn key simulators, but look deeper: Do they make their own motion systems, steering system, pedals or software? What does their level of service and support actually look like? There really is no substitute for CXC level products or services once you look closer.

Is it too fragile or complicated for me to use?

Our expertise lies in making our simulators stand up to the rigors of commercial-use while having the ease-of-use of an iPhone.

How realistic are your simulators?

Realistic enough that we count Multi-Time LeMans winners, F1 Teams and countless, average weekend warrior racers as clients. We even have OEM Automotive Engineering divisions using our simulators.

Where do you deliver?

All over the world. We currently have simulators on every continent except Antarctica. (we are working on it)

Are you a reputable and stable company?

We have been in production for over 15 years. We currently have simulators on every continent except Antarctica. (we are working on it) Our clients range from huge multinational corporations like the US Federal Government, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Toyota, Lexus, Exxon/Mobil1, Ferrari, McLaren, Ford to everyday racers like yourself.

How much do they cost?

All of our pricing is fully transparent. Visit the configurator for Home-Use Simulators. Visit the configurator for Commercial-Use Simulators.