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The Tactical Driving Simulator By CXC Simulations

Designed specifically for government agencies, the Tactical Driving Simulator applies CXC Simulations’ expertise in high-fidelity motorsports training and applies it to tactical driving.


Train better, Reduce Cost, Improve Results.

Stay safe on the road: By practicing in high-stress scenarios in a controlled environment, you can improve your reaction time and decision-making skills, keeping you and those around you safe.

Save time and money: Traditional tactical driver training can be time-consuming and expensive, but with our simulator, you can get the same level of training in a fraction of the time and cost.

Stay ahead of the curve: Stay up to date with the latest driving tactics and techniques and stay ahead of the curve in a constantly changing landscape.

Increase confidence: Practice makes perfect, and by honing your skills in our simulator, you’ll gain the confidence you need to handle any situation on the road.


Advanced Tools, Realistic Feedback, Built to Last.

Realistic, dynamic simulations

Our simulator uses advanced software to recreate real-world driving scenarios that include adverse weather conditions, Night driving (white light/NVG), high-speed chases, PiT maneuvers, and emergency evasive maneuvers in a safe controlled environment.

Real world vehicle dynamics

Weight and transfer balance, forward and reverse 180s, braking, cornering, surface transitions and more.

Customizable settings

Choose the level of difficulty that’s right for you and adjust various settings such as road conditions, location, vehicles, and time of day.

Wide range of vehicles

Train in a variety of vehicles, from high-performance sports cars to heavy-duty trucks and everything in between.

Commercial grade equipment

Our equipment is built to last, with simulators that are 15+ years old in the field and still in operation today we believe that speaks for itself. Customer support: US based customer support center with live agents available 7 days a week.

Additional Training Scenarios:

  • Tactical Driving on Urban/Rural Roads
  • Pursuit – Driver & Target Vehicle
  • Intersection Clearing
  • Situational Awareness
  • Pursuit in Traffic
  • Vehicle preservation (tire, brake and cooling systems)
  • Vehicle acquisition and starting

The Hardware:

  • Full Motion and Haptic Feedback Systems
  • Wrap Around 4K Screens AND High Fidelity
  • Virtual Reality
  • High Performance Displays Limit Motion Sickness
  • Glass Cockpit Dash (replicate any vehicle’s dash)
  • Multiplayer (Student/Instructor or Student/Student)
  • Touch Screen Instructor Control System
  • Spectator Display with Replay from any angle

The Software:

  • Next Generation Physics and Graphics Engine
  • Ultra High fidelity driving and physics model
  • Accurate Crash and Damage Physics
  • Day or Night including transitions
  • Inclement Weather (Rain, Snow, Sleet)
  • Laser scanned locations (Millimeter Level Accuracy)


  • Wide Variety of Pursuit Vehicles
  • Wide Variety of Target Vehicles
  • Wide Variety of Locations
  • Custom Vehicles and Locations:
    • Let us create your vehicles or locations
    • Varying levels of detail/accuracy available to fit a mission or budget

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