CXC Simulations, the proud manufacturer of the Motion Pro II racecar simulator, recently worked with North Hollywood Toyota on a special project: outfitting a champ car with the same technology behind the Motion Pro II. Ashley van Dyke, President of AVD Motorsports, put CXC Simulations and the client in touch for this unique marketing opportunity.

 Distinctive Marketing – Ashley van Dyke and CXC Simulations

What started as a dream conceived by North Hollywood Toyota ended in reality with the help of CXC Simulations. Looking for a unique way to attract clients, Ashley van Dyke had the perfect solution for this Toyota dealer. Ashley, the president of AVD Motorsports, a marketing and communications agency specializing in automotive and motorsports, knew where to turn when approached by her client with this one-of-a-kind request. She tapped CXC Simulations to retrofit a 2006 Lola Champ Car for their showroom floor and turn it into a racing simulator and marketing tool.

A Head-Turning Customer Magnet

“North Hollywood Toyota wanted to create more buzz and attract more customers to their store,” said van Dyke. With North Hollywood Toyota’s idea in mind, CXC Simulations went to work using the technology behind the Motion Pro II to outfit an ’06 Champ Car. Not only was the car to be a new attraction in the showroom, but also “they wanted to give their service customers more to experience while waiting for their service to be completed”, added van Dyke. “It adds a lot of benefits to the in-store experience, especially for car enthusiasts and kids.”

CXC Simulations Making a Mark on the Simulator Industry

Although CXC Simulations are widely known for their customizable Motion Pro II, it is a wide array of custom projects that are gaining CXC additional notoriety. van Dyke said of the project: “Our client was looking for a custom simulator installation for placement into a racecar and featured at the dealership. Choosing the simulator manufacturer to complete the project was a no-brainer.” She continued: “CXC’s simulators are simply superior to all others in the industry.” And the results spoke for themselves. After a successful installation, Ms. van Dyke reported that “the response from this activation and the product placement at the dealership is already stirring up positive feedback”.

Based in Los Angeles, California, CXC Simulations manufactures and distributes professional racing simulators used by professional racecar drivers, racing teams and the home racing enthusiast. The CXC Motion PRO II is constructed from laser-cut steel, carbon fiber and aluminum: the exact same elements used in real racecars.