While classic cars may have been the stars at the 43rd Annual Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, AZ; two hi-tech racing simulators displayed by CXC Simulations received a fair share of attention, too!

Nearly 300,000 people attended the Barrett-Jackson event.  And from the audience surrounding CXC’s booth during the week, CEO Chris Considine supposed a great number of those folks stopped by to watch the CXC Motion Pro II racing simulator in action.  Guest racers for the week were Team USA Scholarship winners Jake Eidson and Joey Bickers who thrilled onlookers with head-to-head, wheel-to-wheel, virtual competition highlighting the pro-grade simulator’s intense motion system, powerful steering force feedback motor, and pressure-sensitive pedals detailing a car’s every behavior.

Jake and Joey, however, weren’t the only ones that slid into the Motion Pro II simulator.  Racers Paul Tracy, Justin Bell and Billy Roe also visited the CXC Simulations booth for a ‘go’ during the week.  In all, Motion Pro II simulators were pushed into service for nearly 260 hours of flawless performance while emulating everything from an F1 rocket to a Trophy Truck workhorse.

To learn when the Motion Pro II racing simulator will make its next public appearance, check back to the CXC homepage or follow CXC Simulations on Facebook and Twitter.