For many of our customers, a Certified Pre-Owned simulator from CXC Simulations represents a tremendous value in racing simulation. As an added bonus, they are often ready for shipping immediately.

As a result, we get a lot of questions about them. Below are the top three questions that we are asked when our customers ask about purchasing a CPO simulator.

Question 1: What is the difference between a CPO and a new simulator?

We can answer this question with an analogy. Compare your cell phone from five years ago and the one you have today. They do the same thing but your new one probably does things faster, and has more features, than the one from five years ago.

Our CPO units are intended to be a great entry-level way of getting into a simulator at a greatly reduced cost. For people who have never had a simulator like this before, this is a very high-performance turnkey simulator. The number one thing that customers should know is that every single year we do a top-to-bottom revision of the Motion Pro II. To keep the new simulators on the bleeding edge of technology, we update the core system of the computer and the electronics rack. It’s a whole new system every single year.

There can also be a lot of differences in screen and display technologies and VR systems. But these changes don’t mean that the CPO simulator isn’t a great simulator. But those changes in technology explain why the price for a CPO is drastically lower than it is for a new simulator.

Question 2: Can I upgrade this CPO simulator to current specifications?

Yes, you can. The Motion Pro II has always been designed to be modular and we offer upgrades which is a very common thing for our customers to take advantage of.

But, if you were to try to upgrade everything to a current specification simulator, it just wouldn’t make sense and, at that point, you may as well buy a new simulator. That’s not to say that upgrading a CPO is not a good idea, but upgrading everything to current specifications doesn’t make sense cost-wise. The most popular upgrade for customers is to upgrade the core system. It’s easy for a customer to do themselves, and if you are buying a CPO, your installation technician can do it.

Question 3: How robust are these simulators / what condition is this one in?

The Motion Pro II is really overbuilt from a hardware perspective. They are built to commercial standards where they would see nonstop use and abuse by the general public. So, there’s not much that can go wrong with them mechanically.

When we sell a CPO, a CXC technician will go through the simulator top to bottom. They perform a full quality control check to make sure that everything on both the hardware and software side are working perfectly. Customers really have peace of mind when they buy a CPO that it is going to be in top working condition.

CPOs also come with the same white-glove installation and training service that our new simulators come with, as well as 90-day access to our customer service/simulator concierge service.

If you are interested in a CPO simulator, take a look at the available inventory or reach out today to speak with our team about buying and owning a CPO.