Approached by the marketing and motorsports company, AVD Motorsports on behalf of their client, Toyota of North Hollywood with a unique project, CXC Simulations was excited about the chance to show off its skills.


The goal was to retrofit a 2006 Lola Champ Car in order for it to be used as a racing simulator by people of all sizes and abilities.

“This was a perfect opportunity for us to show exactly what we can do when presented a challenge. Everyone knows the level of engineering and finish of our production simulators, now they can see what we can do when we let our imaginations run wild!” said Chris Considine, CEO of CXC Simulations.

Taking “Custom” To a New Level

Toyota of North Hollywood had a dream and CXC Simulations had the plan.  The Champ Car simulator had a number of very strict requirements.  Although it needed to end up as a simulator, CXC had to make sure that it could be used as a racecar even after its work was done.  The client requested unparalleled realism, easy access in and out of the car, a seat that would accommodate a wide range of body sizes, as well as in-game and on-car branding.  CXC Simulations took up this challenge and ultimately presented the client with exactly what they wanted. Matt Halliday – Mobile One Porsche Super Cup and Former IndyCar/Champ Car Driver – echoed the feelings of everyone who had a chance to experience this simulator – “It is pretty amazing what the CXC guys have been able to do with this project and the realistic nature combining the forces and drivability of the real car is very accurate.”

The Motion PRO II Champ Car

The custom Champ Car simulator has not been left wanting in exciting features.  Three 55″ LCD screens offer a 180 degree field of view that completely covers the driver’s peripheral vision.  A high-powered force feedback system was put in place to give drivers the same experience they would have on the track.  CXC Simulations was able to utilize the Champ Car’s pedal assembly and hydraulic brake system, giving a more realistic feel to the simulator, all while integrating the simulation electronics into the engine bay.  Boasting an LED gauge system, custom stairs for easy access, and a custom-made wide seat and headrest covered in leather, this one-of-a-kind simulator is certain to be a success.  Chris Ashworth, VP & GM of North Hollywood Toyota, had nothing but praise for the team at CXC – “After looking for close to 2 years for the right race car to use for this custom simulation installation, the search was on for the best guys to make this happen… The end product is fantastic.”

CXC Simulations is a Los Angeles, CA based company, offering state-of-the-art racing simulators for professional racing teams and drivers, and for users who wish to experience the thrill of racing in their own home. The CXC MP II is constructed from laser-cut steel, carbon fiber and aluminum, the exact same elements used in racecars.