CXC Simulations is pleased to announce it has retained the services of Josh Allen, a former Ferrari F1 mechanical/electrical engineer. Allen will lend expertise in the construction of CXC’s flagship Motion Pro II simulator, the ‘virtual instructor’ of choice for many professional drivers, as well as a number of the world’s leading entrepreneurs who are motor sports fans and racers themselves.

Allen, who designed the state-of-the-art electrical-wiring harness system currently used by CXC Simulations, served three years in Modena, Italy as a Ferrari F1 designer. He worked on chassis aerodynamics and CAD technology during the reign of World Driving Champion Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.

Born in Stanford, California, Allen graduated from UCLA with a degree in mechanical engineering. After working at Ferrari for three years, he departed in 2004 and spent the next four years as an engineer and test driver on the Maserati Gran Tourismo two-door coupe development program also working out of Modena.

Allen returned to the USA in 2008, but remained a consultant for Maserati while pursuing a racing career. In 2012, he began lending expertise on projects for CXC Simulations while still focused on racing. Today, Allen has agreed to join CXC Simulations as the lead advisor for the technology development team.

 “The technology needed for a world-class motor racing simulator is comparable to a Formula One race car,” Allen said. “At CXC, we had to bypass several manufactures until we found one capable of delivering the complexity needed for the Motion Pro II wiring harness that links all the separate computer networks including motion control, drive controls and audio systems.”

Chris Considine, CXC Simulations founder and CEO, said: “Having Josh aboard allows CXC to lead the field in technically-advanced, consumer-friendly simulators. Anybody who has experienced the Motion Pro II, including many of the world’s top racing drivers, says the ‘virtual’ experience is nearest to reality than anything else on the market today.” 

CXC numbers amongst its clientele drivers from nearly every form of racing. Formula One, sports cars, IndyCar, Indy Lights, karts, stock cars, club racing, and even vintage racers utilize CXC’s top-notch platform. CXC’s corporate customers include supercar manufacturers such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren and Lamborghini, as well as stalwarts Cadillac, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Dodge, Mitsubishi and Chrysler.