On June 2nd North America’s largest Car Museum (ACM) the LeMay opened its doors to thousands of car enthusiasts, celebrities and families from the Seattle area. The museum is an ideal place to admire cars of all eras, to learn and be inspired: but also to test your race driving skills in one of 3 CXC racing simulators!

Thousands of people flowed into the 165,000-sq. ft., four-level museum with sweeping views above Tacoma, Washington on its opening weekend. Visitors included Washington Lt. Governor Brad Owen, GM Vice President of Design Ed Welburn, Tonight Show host Jay Leno, jewelry magnate Nicola Bulgari, Mariners’ two-time batting champ Edgar Martinez, loads of “car guys”, museum enthusiasts and of course lots of families.

Located in downtown Tacoma, Wash. the LeMay explores how the automobile has fulfilled a distinctive role at the core of the American experience and also shaped America’s society. With rotating exhibits the museum is designed to be the centerpiece for automotive history as well as an educational center and library. The campus, located adjacent to the Tacoma Dome, also contains a 3.5-acre show field, theatre, café, banquet hall and meeting facilities

Get your racing skills on in the ACM CXC racing simulators

But the ACM is not all look, it’s also an ideal place to test your very own race car driving skills, as it is home to three CXC Motion Pro II Simulators, which can be used for USD 8,- per race. Nothing makes you long for the real feeling of touching a steering wheel more than looking at some of the most beautiful cars in American history. So the ACM based CXC racing simulators offer an ideal opportunity to race like a pro. With more than 1,000 different cars programmed into the innovative racing simulator, which is used by racing pros and every single race track available around the world, you have a racing car oyster at your fingertips. Motors and seat belt tension give drivers instant feedback. You can either race Open Wheel Cars, Nascar, Prototypes or GT Cars in the CXC Motion Pro II racing simulators located at ACM. A visit to LeMay offers a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on the wheel and experience what professional racecar drivers like Townsend Bell, Patrick Long and Tommy Kendall use for training. Just make sure you get their early – the racing simulators are extremely popular and people are queuing all day to get a chance to experience what feels like a real race!

A little more information on the ACM and its patron Harold LeMay

After raising more than $60 million in the midst of the recession, ACM broke ground in June 2010. Two years later, the museum is showcasing exhibits that include: the Ferrari in America; Indy Cars; the British car invasion of the ‘60s; the classic car era; alternative propulsion; as well as the collections of jewelry magnate Nicola Bulgari and Tacoma icon Harold LeMay, whose vast mix of vehicles enabled the genesis of the museum 14 years ago.

LeMay’s collection, estimated by the Guinness Book in the mid ‘90s to include 3,000-plus cars, trucks and motorcycles, highlights cars ranging from a 1916 Pierce Arrow to a 1956 Chevy two-door hardtop. For more information on opening times and admission please visit: www.lemaymuseum.org.

About CXC Simulations and the CXC Motion PRO II

With its headquarters based in Marina del Rey, California, CXC Simulations was formed specifically to manufacture a professional-level racing simulator that was not only suitable for pro drivers and race teams, but practical for home use. Developed with professional drivers and engineers over a period of two years, the result was the CXC Motion Pro II Simulator, which AutoWeek said “might just be the best racing simulator in the world”.

The CXC MP II is carefully assembled from aluminum, laser-cut steel and carbon fiber, the same materials as race cars. Powered by a purpose-built rack-mounted simulation computer, it is compatible with all major commercial and online racing software options and users may choose from a nearly inexhaustible and ever-increasing list of modern or vintage cars to drive, including F1, GT, NASCAR, sports cars, off-road, open-wheel and rally (even race boats), and tracks around the world to race on.

Yet the precise implementation and interpretation of that software is what separates the MP II from other simulators: the exact timing, intensity and accuracy of its proprietary full-motion system, tactile transducers and force-feedback controls, together with 5.1 surround sound and a 1080p high-definition video display. The CXC MP II is now also available as a flight simulator. Trusted by professional racers and loved by home simulator users, the CXC Motion Pro II provides the ultimate driving simulator experience.