The Line Between Reality and Simulation Becomes Even More Blurred with Oculus Rift Option on Motion Pro II

May 12 , 2016 (Los Angeles, Calif.) – CXC Simulations, manufacturer of the most realistic racing and flight simulators available for personal and professional use, now offers virtual reality integration on its Motion Pro II.

CXC Simulations’ Motion Pro II users already experience the race track and airspace ahead of them on a three-screen display that provides a 180-degree view. It’s this near full-immersion virtual experience that has helped make CXC the preferred simulator for both professional racers and driving enthusiasts.

With the addition of Oculus Rift virtual reality technology to the Motion Pro II’s proprietary hardware and software, CXC engineers have created the next level in immersive racing and flight experiences. Now, drivers and pilots are transported into the cockpit, surrounded by a three-dimensional virtual reality environment that delivers a seamless sensory experience.

The Oculus Rift option is compatible with any of CXC’s display arrangements, and is seamlessly integrated into the simulator with a custom wiring harness and mount. It can also be added to existing Motion Pro II simulators.

“The combination of the Motion Pro II and Oculus Rift creates the most powerful racing experience yet,” said Chris Considine, CEO of CXC Simulations. “Oculus Rift is the perfect companion to the feedback and experience provided by the hardware and software. Drivers tell us our Motion Pro II is the industry leader in replicating the feedback and experience of a race car on the track, but the Oculus Rift kicks it up another level. It really is the most compelling ever visual experience, with amazingly realistic natural speed and depth perception. Whether you’re a pro or not, this is the new standard.”


About CXC Simulations

CXC Simulations manufacturers the most advanced racing simulators for personal and professional use and feature the latest technological developments to achieve realistic motion and car control systems.  Designed and manufactured 100% in the U.S.A., the CXC Motion Pro II is designed using state-of-the-art CAD technology and is individually hand built by professional engineers in Southern California – made like a race car to feel like a race car. For more information, visit