March 18, 2024 (Hawthorne, Calif). — CXC Simulations, the leader in personal racing simulation, announced its newest product today – the Motion Pro Truck. Leveraging CXC’s expertise in full-motion simulation, the Motion Pro Truck provides a realistic simulation of an off-road competition truck – putting the driver at the wheel of an actual off-road truck.

Its resemblance to an off-road racing truck is more than skin deep. The chassis and body construction are based on a high-level off-road racing truck, which has been developed by CXC Simulations engineers to be adapted into a full-motion simulator.

The key to accurate motion simulation is achieving fast, high-speed, high-frequency motions that mimic the sensation of driving a race vehicle on a circuit. The Motion Pro Truck achieves this with a motion system built that achieves three feet of motion, creating the same sensations that racers feel when an off-road truck jumps, flies through the air, lands, corners and slides on dirt.

The Motion Pro Truck can be configured with the control panel in the truck’s interior, for personal use, as well as outside the truck for use in a commercial facility.

The Full-Motion Off Road Truck utilizes key CXC Simulations technologies, such as:

  • CXC’s proprietary, full-motion, low-mass motion control system enhanced with nearly three feet of movement
  • Force-feedback steering wheel
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • Next-generation physics and graphics engines
  • Speed-dependent wind fans
  • Bespoke software which enables the truck’s motion to work in concert with Virtual Reality

“We recently developed a similar product for a commercial client, and we received quite a bit of interest from customers interested in owning a full-size truck simulator,” said Chris Considine, Founder and CEO at CXC Simulations. “For this new product we have gone back to the drawing board and developed a chassis that is better suited for being a simulator and made improvements to the rest of the package as well. There’s simply no other simulation product available like this – the Motion Pro Truck is a turnkey, ready-to-order product.”