While CXC Simulations calls Los Angeles home and boasts an impressive list of professional and amateur racers as clients in California, the company’s reach stretches well beyond US boarders.  For example, consider how CXC has impacted the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific series over the last few years.

Paul van Loenhout, Alan Yeo, Alex Au, Steve Wyatt and Eric Cheung all use the Motion Pro II simulator for training and have been fearsome competitors in the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific series in recent history.  Just this year, Australia’s van Loenhout grabbed second at a race in Shanghai.  In 2011, Steve Wyatt won the inaugural Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Coppa Shell Championship.

In 2012, Alex Au was the Ferrari Challenge APAC Shell Category Champion.  This year, he competes in the Audi R8 LMS Cup pro category, but was the 2013 amateur category champion.

“I use the Motion Pro II simulator to prepare for tracks I haven’t been to,” Au said.  “For example, two years ago I lapped the Singapore and Valencia circuits hundreds of times on the simulator and made sure I could at least beat the AI cars in races before I arrived at the real circuits. Once on site it was just a matter of getting used to the real car and g-forces. The Motion Pro II eliminated the need to learn the lefts and rights.”

Eric Cheung, who has raced many different cars over the years, also finds the Motion Pro II simulator to be of immense benefit.

“If I’m scheduled to race at a track I know, I go back over my notes before strapping into the simulator a few days before I leave for the actual race,” Cheung said.  “If I’m racing at a new track, then I’ll do more simulator time to remember the turns so I save time when I’ve actually arrived at the track.  It is also good to train yourself on how to regain composure after you’ve lost control of a car because you cannot do this too many times at a track with your real car.”

And lastly, Cheung pointed out one last useful fact: “Truthfully, I also use the Motion Pro II a lot for rally simulation because, well, it’s just really fun.”

More to come later on other regions around the world where CXC Simulations has an impact.  Follow CXC Simulations on Facebook or Twitter to see what comes next.