We’ve Moved! Check out our New Facility

Less than 10 miles away from its old facility, CXC Simulations is settled into its new home.  Proudly located in Los Angeles, less than a mile from LAX, CXC’s new facility is larger, more accessible and better suited for CXC’s booming business.  Stop by for a visit and see what’s new!

Five Times the Size and Fully Loaded

The differences between the old facility and the new facility are truly night and day.  The old facility was a mere 2,000 sq. ft., located outside of LA in Marina Del Rey, and lacked what CXC needed to continue to grow.  The new facility is five times as large, weighing in at just over 10,000 sq. ft.  With a 7,000 sq. ft. production floor, CXC is able to custom build more simulators in less time with the same quality and attention to detail.  There is now a 2,000 sq. ft. showroom that gives potential customers a glimpse of the hand-built racing simulators of So Cal.  The new facility also has executive offices, a development lab and a machine room: everything CXC Simulations needs to remain at the forefront of the home racing simulator market.



Location, Location, Location

Just as the saying goes – the location drives the deal. CXC couldn’t be happier with the new facility’s location.  Conveniently located just a ¼ mile away from LAX, visiting customers are just minutes away from their new home racing simulator once arriving in Los Angeles.  It also means that access to supplies and shipping options is better than ever.  With 4 loading docks, the team at CXC has an easy task when sending out simulators for installation at customers’ locations and when accepting new deliveries for customizing its exciting products.  A better location for CXC means a better experience for customers, plain and simple.



Based in Los Angeles, California, CXC Simulations manufactures and distributes professional racing simulators used by professional racecar drivers and teams and the racing enthusiast. The CXC MP II is constructed from laser-cut steel, carbon fiber and aluminum, the exact same elements used in racecars. The MP II is outfitted and controlled by a purpose-built rack-mounted simulation computer, compatible with all major commercial and online racing software. The CXC MP II is also now available as a flight simulator for those wanting to get experience “off” the ground.  The CXC Motion PRO II is a trusted piece of equipment by professional racecar drivers and is a big hit with simulated racing aficionados at home.