CXC Simulations, the proud manufacturer of the Motion Pro II racecar simulator, don’t just make remarkable products: they also have remarkable clients. One such client is the CEO of Patron Spirits International AG, Ed Brown. Ed is an avid racing fan and, as of 2009, a driver himself. He is an owner of a Motion Pro II racing simulator that he uses to train and to relax.

An International CEO and an International Simulator

Ed Brown, CEO of Patron Spirits International AG, has been a life-long avid racecar fan and driver. He is a current member of Extreme Speed Motorsports and teams with Johannes van Overbeek in the No. 02 Tequila Patrón Honda Performance Development ARX 03-b. In 2009, he received the Promoters Trophy for Patrón’s longtime support of the American Le Mans Series. In addition to Challenge class competition in 2009, Ed also participated in the Patrón GT3 Challenge by Yokohama.

CXC Simulations: Ed’s First Choice

As a budding racecar driver himself and lifelong fan of the sport, Ed needed help with his training. “At first, the simulator was a tool for my coach to be able to work with me in an environment where he could closely replicate real racing. I needed on track experience but wasn’t always able to be near one,” said Ed. He continued: “In addition, it was a great way to learn a new track before I was actually going to race there.” And there’s good reason why he found himself in the Motion Pro II. “I was impressed with the quality and the detail that CXC’s simulators have. Add in the fact that the MP II’sadvanced motion system is the closest thing on the market to actually being on the track and you have the feel and experience of what a racecar does – right at home!”

Simulating the Race before the Race

The Motion Pro II has long been lauded as the perfect tool for pros looking to train on the “real thing” before setting foot in their car. The simulator is perfect for drivers and teams that are looking to determine ideal racecar setups pre-race. Ed and his team are right there: “Before heading to a race I use my simulator to brush up on my line, but I also use it to engineer the car. I can actually work on different setups so that we don’t have to spend much time at the track working on the car before the race. The setup on the sim is very close to what we will run on a race weekend.” It’s no wonder that the Motion Pro II is the best racing simulator on the market.

Based in Los Angeles, California, CXC Simulations manufactures and distributes professional racing simulators used by professional racecar drivers and teams and the racing enthusiast. The CXC MP II is constructed from laser-cut steel, carbon fiber and aluminum, the exact same elements used in racecars. The MP II is outfitted and controlled by a purpose-built rack-mounted simulation computer, compatible with all major commercial and online racing software. The CXC MP II is also now available as a flight simulator for those wanting to get experience “off” the ground. The CXC Motion PRO II is a trusted piece of equipment by professional racecar drivers and is a big hit with simulated racing aficionados from home.