How’s the professional-grade, CXC Simulations Motion Pro II constructed?  Well, that’s what the “How It’s Made” film crew from Montreal came to discover in Los Angeles.

The “How It’s Made” production team, which had no problem visiting sunny Southern California in the dead of winter, worked with CXC for more than 20 hours over two days. CXC Founder Chris Considine said a Motion Pro II rig was deconstructed for the benefit of filming so everyone could see and understand the engineering involved in building a top-notch simulator.

“Everyone at CXC is a total geek for ‘How It’s Made.’ Helmets or cannons, wagon wheels to bowling pins, we dig it all,” Considine said.  “The producers, cameramen, writers and editors do such a great job that it’s a real honor they decided to take time and see what we do at CXC Simulations.”

“It takes up to 10 weeks to build a top-end, $80,000 Motion Pro II simulator.  So deconstructing an assembled rig for the purpose of filming over two days was challenging,” Considine said.  “But I think we did a good job showing the engineering science behind our product, the complexity of the system, and the agonizing effort we make to ensure every little thing works perfectly.”

Broadcast in over 180 countries and 20 different languages, “How It’s Made” won’t likely air the CXC Simulations segment for almost 9 months.  But check back to CXC’s homepage, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter, because we’ll let you know when the segment is broadcast.