You may have noticed that on any given race weekend, the unofficial start to practice starts the day before practice with the track walk.

Track walks give the opportunity for the driver, as well as his coach and engineer, to learn and discuss the nuances of a circuit. The driver is able to spot the changes in curbing, pavement, and camber that you might not notice when driving at speed.

For this reason, in our recent Track Guide videos we have begun incorporating slow laps to provide a view of the circuit similar to a track walk. The drivers providing the insights for these Track Guides – Patrick Long, Kevin Madsen and Jon Miller – share their experience by driving slowly, and in some cases, stopping on track to explain what they are looking at and how to approach corners at North America’s greatest circuits. By doing this, they are able to provide insights and detail that might otherwise be missed.

This is another example of how modern racing simulation aids in driver training, allowing the driver to experience a circuit in detail without being there. Racing simulation has advanced to the point that we can accurately replicate the sensation of driving a car on a race track while also being able to accurately showcase all the small details you learn while walking the track.

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