We’ve seen with great interest the recent developments of the LMP3 class in North America, which will begin racing in the IMSA Prototype Lights series in 2017. Even before that, we’d seen a few examples here and there racing in club events around the country.

It’s easy to see why LMP3 is gaining so much interest. The cars combine great prototype looks with the safety of a carbon tub and an enclosed cockpit, are relatively affordable, and provide a high level of performance. In Europe the interest in the class has exploded – so much so that the European Le Mans Series has capped the number of LMP3 entries because there is so much interest.


On our CXC Simulations Motion Pro II, we are able to offer LMP3 vehicles on nearly any circuit in the world. It’s the ideal way to prepare for a new track in a new car, evaluate potential co-drivers, and even let your friends and family experience the speed of your new LMP3. And with our new Coaching System, you can see the same kind of data in real time that you’ll see at the track.

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