For five days in October hundreds of Ferrari owners, as well as their family members and guests, descended upon Palm Springs for an annual event to celebrate this rare breed of automotive engineering and design. CXC Simulations was proud to offer these car enthusiasts the chance to experience the Motion PRO II Professional Racing Simulator first-hand.

An Automobile Event Unlike Any Other

Each year since 1964, the Ferrari Club of America has held an Annual International Meet that is much more than a car show. Participants come from around the country, and the world, for a truly important gathering of design and engineering that features the renowned Concours d’Elegance and track tests, both of which put Ferraris on center stage and are used to evaluate the cars themselves. This meet includes five days of events that range from car detailing seminars to driving tours, as well as time on the track at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Although these enthusiasts had many Ferraris on hand, CXC made sure to give every participant the chance to experience the real life driving feel of cars that they may not get a chance to test. With three Motion PRO II’s on hand, one at the hotel and two at the track, Ferrari drivers from around the world had a unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of the cars they love.

Performance and Design: Planes and Automobiles Together

This year’s FCA Annual Meet featured a truly unique partner. Piper Aircraft showcased a cabin and cockpit mockup of their M-Class single-engine turbine-powered Meridian. “Ferrari drivers and Piper pilots share deep appreciation for exquisite design, superb quality and exhilarating performance,” says Drew McEwan, head of Global Sales for Piper. Although the Ferrari owners had many models upon which to gaze, it was this unexpected guests that created a buzz. All in all, the 2012 Annual Meet was a great success and CXC Simulations was thrilled to have been a part of this special event.

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