The updated and refreshed Motion Pro II that we launched in 2022 provided a top-to-bottom refresh of all of the full-motion simulator’s systems.

While we aimed to improve the seat-of-the-pants feel of the simulator, a large focus was made on improving the user-friendliness of the simulator. The key improvements included:

  • Automatic system checks and updates, ensuring the reliability and security of the PC
  • Cockpit adjustable tuning, allowing the driver to make changes to the chassis as well as the motion control without scrolling through numerous screens
  • One-touch race launch, dramatically cutting down the time spent selecting a different car or circuit, and launching practice and sim racing sessions much faster

What this ensures is more time testing, driving and practicing. More time behind the wheel, improving your racecraft, learning a new circuit or competing in online races.

“The overwhelming feedback we received from our customers was to not mess with the motion system or the feedback of the Motion Pro II, but to make it easier to launch new races or new experiences,” said Chris Considine, Founder and CEO of CXC Simulations. “Of course, we did spend quite a bit of time improving the motion systems and making the simulator more realistic than even, but our biggest goal was to find ways to improve the user experience.

“To that end, we put several of the adjustments on the physical dash, eliminating the number of screens a driver would have to scroll through to make chassis and motion adjustments. We incorporated one-touch race launch, which allows a driver to jump into a new race immediately. And then we configured the newest version of the CXC computer to be more reliable and robust than ever.”

The CXC Simulations Motion Pro II features a nearly limitless catalog of cars and tracks. Configure yours today on the Motion Pro II Configurator.