Combining two of America’s greatest loves – technology and cars – CXC’s Motion Pro II Professional Racing Simulator offers users a racing experience like no other. Originally offered only to pro-racing teams around the world, this virtual thrill ride is now available to the car and racing enthusiast in the big boy toy market. Wealth TV’s popular show, Boys Toys, recently featured CXC Simulations and the Motion Pro II driving simulator.

Jen Barlow, host of Wealth TV’s Boys Toys, profiles the professional race car simulator alongside CXC’s Managing Partner, Chris Considine, and with input from professional racing legend Patrick Long. Featured at the 2012 Big Boys Toys Show in Dubai , the Pro Motion II Simulator is considered to be the “ultimate boy’s toy”, especially since it was originally offered only to professional racing teams around the world. The Motion Pro II is known as a Tactile Feedback Simulator, a device that replicates the G-Forces of turns, mimics the tension and drag of a real professional race track, and provides users with the same tools that the pros use.


Professional racing driver Patrick Long enjoys not only the realism of the Motion Pro II Simulator, but also the affordability it offers him. “We need a race team and hundreds of thousands of dollars to go out to a race car and practice,” he says. The Motion Pro II allows him to practice on any race track in the world while driving virtually any racecar imaginable. Users can drive cars ranging from Formula One, Off-road, Rally, GT, Vintage to virtually any other historical racing icon. A “tough” choice to make, as Patrick Long describes it.
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 CXC Simulations is a California based company offering state-of-the-art racing simulators for professional racing teams and drivers, and for users who wish to experience the thrill of racing in their own home.  Built with the same materials as real professional racing vehicles.