When ESPN’s Sport Science team decided to do a feature on the reaction times of one of the fastest drivers on the planet, 18-time IndyCar race winner Will Power was happy to oblige. And when the team needed a state-of-the art racing simulator to reveal what exactly goes on when the Aussie takes to the track, Los Angeles-based CXC Simulations was the obvious choice with its customizable Motion Pro II.

Motion Pro II simulator features in one-of-a-kind experiment

John Brenkus and the rest of the ESPN team persuaded Power to complete a reaction time test, revealing an astonishing time of fourteen-hundredths of a second – faster than any other athlete put through the test! And incredibly, the racecar driver’s reaction times were even quicker after an intense workout!

But ESPN needed to see how these reaction times translated to the track – and to do that, they needed the help of CXC Simulations and its Motion Pro II racing simulator.

Used by professional racing teams and drivers to simulate the conditions on any track, in any car, anywhere in the world, the Motion Pro II provided the perfect opportunity to see how the Aussie IndyCar driver achieves such lightning-fast reactions – turn after turn, lap after lap.

Simulator reveals elite driver’s secret

With the Motion Pro II professional racing simulator calibrated to mimic racing at the Indy 500, the team was able to analyze Power’s responses as he made his way around the virtual circuit. Amazingly, they discovered that the elite driver’s eyes locked on to the exact same spot inside each turn as he controlled the CXC MP II, just two-thirds of a second before stepping off the gas. With his eyes taking just one-tenth of a second to move from one reference point to another and this timing never varying by more than three-hundredths of a second for the whole time he spent in the Motion Pro II racing simulator, it’s clear to see how Power’s reaction times help to make him one of the world’s fastest racecar drivers.

And of course, this insight was made possible thanks to the CXC Motion Pro II professional racing simulator, the most advanced simulator on the market. Without the MP II’s realistic motion and car control features, ESPN’s Sport Science team would never have discovered with such pinpoint accuracy how the elite driver’s reaction times enable him to race at speeds topping 230 mph without destroying his car at turn one!

CXC Simulations is a Los Angeles, California based company, offering state-of-the-art racing simulators for professional racing teams and drivers, as well as for the home racing enthusiast. The CXC MP II is constructed from laser-cut steel, carbon fiber and aluminum – the exact same elements used in racecars – and is trusted by professional racing teams thanks to its quality craftsmanship, unbelievable realism and unparalleled one-to-one support.