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Racing simulator

the only

professional-level simulator

practical for home use

Quality & Craftmanship

Hand-built to order. Locally sourced components.
100% made in the USA.

The CXC Motion Pro II is the most advanced racing simulator on the market. High-quality materials, sleek design and a commitment to craftsmanship are at the heart of our products.

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Every car, Every turn. You feel it all. 
Experience the racetrack as if you are actually on it. From the low mass motion system to high-quality audio and video, using the Motion Pro II means that you are truly in the driver’s seat. On any track, in any car, anywhere in the world.

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How It Feels

Replicating the driving feel is what the Motion Pro II simulator does better than any other simulator on the market.
The unique way its low-mass motion system, multiple vibration replicators and seatbelt tensioners are integrated with panoramic screens and powerful sound system allows you to feel everything that our sophisticated modern software offers in a breathtaking, hair-raisingly realistic way.

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Fully customizable.  Thousands of options.
Millions of details.

With a system that has nearly every track worldwide, a wide variety of classic and contemporary cars, as well as the option to fly airplanes and helicopters around the world, the Motion Pro II is as diverse as it gets.

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White glove installation. One-to-one support. 
Two-year warranty with full coverage.

Receive unparalleled support for a product of unmatched quality that will provide countless hours of entertainment.

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About CXC

CXC Simulations is a manufacturer of high-end racing simulators for personal and professional use. Our simulators feature the latest technological developments to achieve realistic motion and car control systems.

CXC simulators can be used as a tool for driving instruction as well as flight training and are available for purchase, lease or event rentals. We offer superb customer service and support to make sure you are behind the wheel of your favorite Formula 1, GT or rally car for as much time as possible!”

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