“Racing at the highest level is probably one of the most amazing experiences any human can have. Unfortunately contrary to most other professional sports, due to costs and regulations, we have very limited amount of testing available. The only way to keep your skills sharp is by trying to put your mind through the same challenges you will find on the racetrack.

Luckily the digital era that we leave in has facilitated amazing technology advances that are able to replicate very closely what happens in real life. Software development has been key, laser scanned race tracks and accurate simulation of vehicle dynamics and tire models have suffered an exponential evolution in the last ten years. As much as the software the hardware piece of it is as important. I have been lucky to experience the best simulators in the world, multi million dollar systems used by Formula 1 teams that give you an amazing feel of realism. CXC simulators are my favorite simulator that you can have in-house and at a reasonable cost, I know the people behind the company well, all former racers and lovers of the sport and technology. I stand by them and their product line.”