Fontana California – June 3, 2010 – CXC Simulations was on hand for forty select Lamborghini owners and their guests who got to wring out their Gallardos, Superleggeras, and Murcielagos at racing speeds on a 2.8-mile, 21-turn road course using part of the famed Auto Club Speedway 2-mile banked oval at the third annual Ultimate Lamborghini Experience.

Over $10 million worth of exotic Italian iron took to the track in the exclusive event organized by Al & Ed’s Autosound in conjunction with Lamborghini of Beverly Hills and Kenwood. This year, for the first time, in addition to classroom instruction and on-track guidance from professional racers like 1996 24-Hours of Le Mans winner Davy Jones, drivers of all skill levels had the opportunity prepare for 150mph speeds with seat time and driver training in CXC Motion Pro II racing simulators.

CXC provided a virtual Murcielago LP670-4 SV, like one of the cars available to drive, as well as a GT3 Gallardo for training purposes. Along with familiarizing themselves with race speeds in their cars, the Motion Pro IIs allowed drivers to optimize their valuable track time – and certainly, to turn faster times – by first using the sims to learn track reference points for braking, turn-in and track-out on the various turns. A number of participants came back after lapping their Lambos to say how much seat time in the MP II racing simulators had helped.

Perhaps the biggest fans, though, were special guest Valentino Balboni, the legendary professional test driver after whom a new 2010 rear-drive Lamborghini, the Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni, has been named and Indycar and Le Mans racer Davy Jones. Balboni said had little experience before on simulators and was absolutely astounded at the reality of the CXC racing simulator. 

“Oooh!” he exclaimed, correcting for a lurid slide, then laughing, “Mama Mia! Very nice, very nice. My compliments,” he told CXC founder and CEO Chris Considine and kindly signed one of the simulators.

Davy Jones, on the other hand, had driven racing simulators before, but admitted he never took them seriously, regarding them simply as games. It has been seven years, he said, since he last drove an Indycar, but that’s what he wanted to try on the simulation. Indianapolis Motor Speedway was loaded up on the MP II simulator’s software.

Racers are racers, they say, and within a few laps, Jones was up to speed and carving a beautiful line around Indy. It was quite impressive and he loved it.

“Wow, this is the most realistic simulator I’ve ever tried. With others I’ve driven, you don’t get the feel that I get from this one. It’s so realistic. Way cool. I’m hooked. I want one!”

A response that we at CXC Simulations love to hear.  For the kind of motion racing simulation that’s not only guaranteed to give you a real thrill but that gives even professional drivers a race for their money, CXC’s Motion Pro II driving simulator is your number one choice. Find out more about MP II sim customization and financing on our website.



CXC Simulations is headquartered in Marina del Rey, California and was established specifically to manufacture a professional-level racing simulator that was not only suited to pro drivers and race teams, but one that was practical for home use as well. Developed with the expertise and experience of professional drivers and engineers over a two-year period, the result was the CXC Motion Pro II, about which AutoWeek said, “might just be the best racing simulator in the world.” 

Powered by a purpose-built rack-mounted simulation computer, the MP II is meticulously assembled from the same materials as racecars: aluminum, laser-cut steel and carbon fiber. It is compatible with all major commercial and online software options and users may choose from a practically limitless and ever-increasing list of modern or vintage cars to drive, including F1, GT, NASCAR, sports cars, off-road, open-wheel and rally (even race boats) and tracks around the world to race on. Yet what separates the MP II from other simulators is the implementation and interpretation of that software; the precise timing, intensity and accuracy of its proprietary full-motion system, tactile transducers and force-feedback controls, together with 5.1 surround sound and a 1080p high-definition panorama video display. The MP II realistically reproduces the sensation of racing, making it the ultimate driving simulator for both racing professionals and recreational enthusiasts alike.