Designed for government agencies, new simulator utilizes CXC Simulations’ expertise in race simulation

CXC Simulations has unveiled the Tactical Driving Simulator, designed to enable tactical driving and pursuit training for federal law enforcement.

In business since 2009, CXC Simulations produces the Motion Pro II, the most advanced full-motion racing simulator available for personal or commercial use. The Motion Pro II accurately replicates the sensation of driving a race car on a race track.

The Tactical Driving Simulator utilizes the features of the Motion Pro II, such as:

  • A proprietary, full-motion, low-mass motion control system
  • Force-feedback steering wheel
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • Electric actuators
  • Next-generation physics and graphics engines
  • Virtual Reality Capability
  • Multiplayer functionality (student vs. instructor or student vs. student)

The Tactical Driving Simulator uses software developed by CXC Simulations for training of tactical driving. To create as effective a training tool as possible, the simulator utilizes custom driving models with complex physics for tires, weight balance, and accurate crash and damage physics. Environmental conditions such as rain and darkness can also be accurately simulated in the Tactical Driving Simulator.

Wrap-around, high-performance 4K screens and Virtual Reality provide an immersive experience while reducing the potential of motion sickness. Training is also enhanced with multi-player functionality as well as a replay and review mode increases the Tactical Driving Simulator’s effectiveness as a training tool.

“The Tactical Driving Simulator utilizes our experience in high-fidelity motorsports training that is normally used for race car drivers and teams, and adapts it for government agencies,” said Chris Considine, CEO and Founder, CXC Simulations. “They were looking for a safe, cost-effective training in a simulated environment, allowing them to train through repetition, develop muscle memory, with nearly limitless scenarios.”