Oshkosh, Wisconsin –  Recently at the world famous AirVenture 2010 Air Show at Oshkosh, CXC Simulations partnered up with ICON Aircraft and displayed two purpose-built CXC Motion Pro II flight simulators at the show – awesomely allowing attendees to virtually sample and fly ICON’s revolutionary A5 aircraft.

Nearly 800 people got to try out the new flight simulators, making the ICON booth the buzz of the show – no easy task when there are 700 participating vendors! Needless to say, ICON Aircraft, who commissioned the two simulator prototypes, was pleased.

“We couldn’t be happier with the way the Motion Pro II Flight simulators performed at AirVenture,” said ICON CEO Kirk Hawkins, “Just as we’d hoped, CXC’s custom-made simulators gave literally hundreds of enthusiasts the opportunity to accurately “fly” the ICON A5 and to see just how easy and fun it is to operate. We believe the A5 is a truly innovative product and the Motion Pro II Flight simulators were a unique and really enjoyable way to demonstrate it.”

Steed Strand, COO and co-founder of ICON Aircraft agreed, “Motion simulator technology could greatly enhance our future flight training program for the A5. CXC Simulations is able to provide a fun, very realistic motion experience on a high quality, cool looking platform.” 




The A5 is ICON’s entry into the FAA’s new Light Sport Aircraft segment and is designed specifically for recreational flying. Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) can be operated by anyone with a Sport Pilot License. CXC’s renowned “low-mass” MP II motion system was reconfigured in concert with ICON test pilots and several X-Plane developers to ensure an accurate and realistic flight experience. CXC Simulations is known around the world as maker of the Motion Pro II Driving Simulator, widely considered the only professional-level racing simulator suitable for home and private use as well as for racing teams, but the development of these simulator prototypes will now lead to a production model, the Motion Pro II Flight.

“It’s something we’ve been asked about for a long time and given a lot of thought to,” says CXC Simulations founder Chris Considine, “but we didn’t want to do it until we could produce something as game-changing as our racing simulators. Then ICON Aircraft approached us to build two prototypes based on their cool A5 aircraft and to run special X-Plane software based on it. So many things lined up, to partner with ICON Aircraft, another company known for innovation, to debut at the great AirVenture show at Oshkosh, we just couldn’t resist.”

Ex-fighter pilot ICON executives linked simulators for formation flying demonstrations, but most important, feedback from show attendees who lined up to fly the two simulators at Oshkosh, pro pilots and non-pilots, was universally positive. Typical of the comments was that from American Airlines International Captain Wayne Ziskal, who said, “The CXC Simulator was a visual delight. I left feeling comfortable in all regimes of flight, landing and taxi in minutes.”

Captain Ziskal has pre-ordered an ICON A5 and at Oshkosh, flight demonstrations in the CXC simulators led to other ICON direct pre-sales orders, not to mention interest in the Motion Pro II Flight. A win-win for both CXC Simulations and ICON.

“Working with ICON Aircraft was a perfect match,” says CXC’s Considine. “We both are known for innovative quality designs in our field and where better to first put them on display than at AirVenture 2010 at Oshkosh. We were honored to take part in that great celebration of flight and gratified that so many friends, old and new, got to personally experience our latest ideas in action.”

CXC Simulations is headquartered in Marina del Rey, California and was formed specifically to manufacture a professional-level racing simulator that was not only suitable for pro drivers and race teams, but practical for home use. Developed with professional drivers and engineers over a two-year period, the result was the CXC Motion Pro II Simulator, about which AutoWeek said, “might just be the best racing simulator in the world.”

Powered by a purpose-built rack-mounted simulation computer, the CXC MP II Simulator is meticulously assembled from aluminum, laser-cut steel and carbon fiber, the same materials as racecars. It is compatible with all major commercial and online software options and users may choose from a nearly inexhaustible and ever-increasing list of modern or vintage cars to drive, including F1, GT, NASCAR, sports cars, off-road, open-wheel and rally (even race boats) and tracks around the world to race on. But it is the implementation and interpretation of that auto racing software that sets the MP II apart from other simulators; the precise timing, intensity and accuracy of its proprietary full-motion system, tactile transducers and force-feedback controls, together with 5.1 surround sound and a 1080p high-definition video display. Thanks to the new Combat Flight Pack, the CXC MP II is now also available as a flight simulator. The CXC Motion Pro II – for the ultimate driving simulator experience.

ICON Aircraft is a consumer sport airplane manufacturer founded by Kirk Hawkins and Steen Strand while at Stanford University shortly after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enacted regulation changes in 2004 that created the new sport flying category. Kirk is an engineer, former U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter pilot, and graduate of Stanford Business School. Steen, a former investment banker and Harvard graduate, holds a Masters in Engineering from Stanford in Product Design and is a serial entrepreneur. A privately funded company, ICON Aircrafts base of operations is in Southern California, which is a hotbed for automotive design and aerospace engineering.