Of course, everyone at CXC Simulations is excited for the Formula 1 season to start with this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.  The new cars are faster and look better, Ferrari seems to have taken a big step forward, and it will be interesting to see if Lewis Hamilton can play mind games with Valteri Bottas the way he did with non-defending champion Nico Rosberg.

But as far as we are concerned, it is always F1 season. Although many of our customers use their Motion Pro II’s to approximate the types of cars and the circuits that they will race on, many them also request Formula 1 software in their racing simulators. We can supply all the current – and many of the past – Formula 1 cars and circuits on the Motion Pro II.


It’s also fun to take an F1 car and put it on a circuit that you wouldn’t ordinarily find it – such as when our friend Stefan Johansson drove a McLaren MP4-30 at Nurburgring. That being said, Spa and Monaco will provide an incredibly daunting challenge for most people in a modern F1 car.

Our Virtual Reality capability provides an even more realistic experience – there’s nothing quite like the rush of the standing start, looking both ways for a gap to drive your way forward into the first corner, with VR. That experience is even more amazing with our audio system – a 1500W 5.1 surround sound system with finely tuned speaker placement –

CXC Simulations has collaborated with various Formula 1 teams over the years on their simulators.  Working directly with those teams enabled us to improve the way the Motion Pro II works with Formula 1 cars, providing an even more accurate and fun experience.