CXC Simulations’ Certified Pre-Owned program provide a great opportunity to put a Motion Pro II simulator in your own home for a greatly reduced price.

From time to time, we hear from customers who are ready to sell their Motion Pro II simulators. This presents a great opportunity for a potential customer who is looking to get as much value as possible from the purchase of their racing simulator.

However, we recognize that the purchase of a pre-owned Motion Pro II, even at a discount, still represents a big purchase. So CXC Simulations works to provide peace-of-mind for any buyer who takes advantage of the Certified Pre-Owned Program. The buyer of a CPO simulator doesn’t miss out on much as they will have virtually the same simulator as a new one – with CXC’s proprietary full-motion system, hydraulic braking system, specially-built force feedback steering wheel and surround-sound audio.

The Certified Pre-Owned program encompasses a comprehensive inspection by a CXC Simulations technician.

  • A detailed inspection of each component and system of the simulator is performed
  • The maintenance history of the simulator is verified
  • Exterior, software and hardware undergo a pre-sale preparation.
  • Once completed, a 90-day warranty is issued

A complete report of the inspection is prepared for a buyer to review.

In addition, delivery, installation and training is available on all CPO simulators, as well as upgrades to the software and hardware. The purchase price of all CPOs includes all of the accessories, such as panoramic screens, additional steering wheels, shifters, flight package, shipping crate and in some cases, Virtual Reality headsets.

You can review the current Certified Pre-Owned simulators currently available from CXC Simulations.