Like most businesses, CXC Simulations is working through the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The world of auto racing has been drastically affected by the pandemic, with nearly all amateur and professional racing calendars currently on hold.

CXC Simulations remains open for business as it has been designated as an essential business due to the company’s numerous military contracts. However, the company has taken many steps to ensure the safety and health of the company’s employees. When possible, employees are working from home, reducing the amount of people in the facility to the bare minimum. The employees who are still working in the facility are working split shifts to ensure maximum social distancing.

Racers, as ever, still want to race so this stoppage in racing has led to an explosion in the popularity of racing simulators and sim racing. NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula 1 have launched their own series featuring their series’ drivers, and IMSA, SCCA, Road to Indy and World of Outlaws have rolled out races for their series’ drives as well. With nowhere to race, it seems like an entire generation of racers are now building simulators at home and creating iRacing accounts.

Over the past few weeks, we have heard from many of our customers who now have much more time to devote to using their Motion Pro II simulator. The purchase of a Motion Pro II simulator also comes with 24/7/365 support from CXC’s technicians, and we’ve been hearing from many clients looking for software updates with new cars, tracks, setups and updated livery designs.

One such call came from Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren and one of the owners of United Autosports. Brown turned to his technician at CXC Simulations to make software additions to his Motion Pro II as well as to optimize his iRacing setups. CXC Simulations was also asked to create the livery for the Arrow McLaren SP Indycars for use by Oliver Askew and Pato O’Ward in the Indycar iRacing Challenge.

Additionally, Askew is taking part in the Indycar iRacing Challenge with a Motion Pro II at SimMetric Performance Labs. Collaborating with his engineers at Arrow McLaren SP as well as SimMetric, Askew finished in fifth position in the American Red Cross Grand Prix from Watkins Glen International. Askew’s entire day of testing, qualifying and race was streamed live and can be seen here.

CXC Simulations is available to discuss your next simulator and our customer service department is available to assist current owners of Motion Pro II simulators. In addition, a small number of Certified Pre-Owned simulators are currently available. Get in touch with CXC Simulations today.