These simulators were built to spend life on the road.

As part of Mobil 1’s motorsports activation, the company transports a fleet of simulators to events around the country. The events vary from something like a consumer event at a Wal-Mart, to a hospitality event at NASCAR or Formula 1 races. No matter what the event, the simulators needed to provide an unforgettable experience for customers and guests.

After realizing they needed an improved simulator solution, they got in touch with us to learn what CXC Simulations’ capabilities were. While the Motion Pro II simulator provides the ultimate in racing simulation, CXC Simulations was able to provide support and engineering solutions for their use case.

CXC Simulations provides a substantial support program for its customers. Customers receive around-the-clock phone support from a staff that knows the customer and project. Because CXC Simulations produces all its simulators in its Los Angeles facility, spare parts are always available. We also know, through years of seeing the simulator in use, how it stands up to long-term use and requires only minimal maintenance.

These simulators will be transported in a small enclosed trailer, and will be loaded, unloaded and set up by one person. So, the simulators need to be transported and set up quickly, but remain durable enough to handle life on the road.

For ease of transport and setup, we designed an integrated mobility system. This features wheels on the front of the chassis and a trailer hitch receiver at the back, which allows for one-person transportation and installation. Our team also designed the Mobil 1 simulators with a display frame integrated into the simulator chassis, allowing for the one-person installation.

And to allow one person to operate all four simulators, the simulators use CXC’s Synchro control system, which allows the operator to set up and launch races with a simple touchscreen.

In-game, the software was modified to reflect Mobil 1’s motorsports programs in NASCAR and Formula 1. Mobil 1 branding is featured on the cars, tracks as well as on the sides of the Motion Pro II simulators.

“With a simulator that is this realistic, and that allows consumers to experience something that they have never experienced, it creates an emotional connection to the brand for the person in the driver’s seat,” said Chris Considine, President and CEO of CXC Simulations. “The branding on the car, on the track and on the simulator all become a part of immersing the driver into the brand and a part of the experience that will always stick with them.”

With our in-house design and production capabilities, CXC Simulations can provide a solution for any commercial application. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.