Several years of refinement have led to this – our newest simulator, the 2022 CXC Simulations Motion Pro II.

No other racing simulator replicates the sensation of driving a car on a racetrack like a Motion Pro II. The 2022 Motion Pro II utilizes a brand-new motion and simulator control system, refining the seat-of-the-pants feeling that has made it the most sought-after simulation system in the world.

But, we are also excited to share several new features of the 2022 Motion Pro II, including:

  • One-touch race launch
  • Cockpit adjustable tuning for chassis and motion control
  • New, cutting-edge computing technology
  • Automatic system checks and updates
  • New flight titles, including Microsoft Flight Simulator and Star Wars: Squadrons

Our new website is optimized for mobile and features an all-new configurator which also has an AR feature that allows you to see your new simulator in its future home.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo of your new Motion Pro II simulator.