You may remember not that long ago when we adapted a short-course off-road truck into a full-size simulator. While that was designed for a commercial customer, we thought that it represented a great chance to build a new product. Today we unveiled that product – the Motion Pro Truck.


The Motion Pro Truck is very similar to the first truck we created but has also been designed and manufactured with personal simulation in mind. It uses the same motion system which creates three feet of motion as well as a large degree of rotation. We retained Virtual Reality and speed fans for a completely immersive experience. For commercial use, the Motion Pro Truck is configured with its control panel outside the truck, but for personal use it is relocated to the inside of the truck’s cockpit.

Just as with all CXC Simulations products, the Motion Pro Truck comes with complimentary white-glove installation as well as round-the-clock customer support. And it is available as a turnkey product that can be ordered today from CXC Simulations – not through our bespoke Special Products Division.

If you are looking for a completely new attraction for your facility or want to have the wildest simulator imaginable at home, give us a call today to inquire about the Full Motion Truck.