If you love aviation as much as you love auto racing, the CXC Simulations Flight Package will let you turn your Motion Pro II racing simulator into an equally immersive flight simulator.

Using the same chassis, screens, Virtual Reality and motion system as our full racing simulator, the Flight Package adds all-aluminum controls, a center-mounted stick, left-hand throttles, and a suite of software titles to create a flight cockpit in the Motion Pro II. This provides nearly unlimited flying options – from a Cessna 172, all the way up to commercial aircraft and combat planes.

So if you’ve just seen Top Gun: Maverick, you could head home, fire up the Motion Pro II and within a couple of minutes be flying any of the planes that you just saw in the movie theater – from Captain Mitchell’s retired F-14 Tomcat, to the Boeing F/A 18F Super Hornet featured throughout the movie’s flight scenes, to the vintage F-6K Mustang that Captain Mitchell keeps in his own hangar.

The attributes that make the Motion Pro II the preferred simulator for racers and sim racing also makes it the choice for aviation enthusiasts. The full-motion control system and precise tuning of the software and Field of Vision provides a seat-of-the-pants feeling that works as well for aircraft as it does for race cars. Launching flights is easy with the one-touch launch from the Motion Pro II’s dashboard.

Just as the Motion Pro II is developed by race car drivers as well as engineers with a racing background, CXC Simulations uses professional and amateur pilots to refine and develop the Flight Package.

The CXC Simulations Motion Pro II is available for test drives – and flights – at CXC’s Southern California location. Schedule your visit today.